BMW Bodyshop – The Ultimate Destination for BMW Spray Paint

The 4,500sqm vast BMW bodyshop inaugurated in Brisbane is modeled with latest equipment, excellent service and magnificent capability of serving 250 to 300 repair works on a weekly basis. The authorities of this new BMW bodyshop expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm in their increased efficiency by a margin of 40% to provide better service. The body shop is studded with high-end infra red drying modules, touch screen enabled drive through spray chambers, innovative repair options, etc. If you are looking for authentic BMW spray paint service you need to visit your nearest BMW bodyshop for an extensive range of spray painting solutions.

Finding the Right Color Shade for your BMW

Every BMW model has its own color. Since BMW offers a wide range of colors in its collection of automobiles, the company takes special care to imprint the color shade in the car itself. If you are not sure where to find the color code of your car, you may consult a BMW customer care center or any Audi service Center review, if you own an Audi car. Your car’s model number will help the customer care representatives to guide you with the steps to find the exact color code of your car. You can then avail the BMW spray paint cheap deals to get the chic looks of your car back.

Benefits of Authorized BMW Spray Paint

Here are a few benefits why you must go to an authorised BMW spray paint centre.

·        Accurate can nozzles offer quality and even spray painting with desired polish and color shades.

·        Touch dry mechanism takes only a few minutes, approximately around 10 minutes to provide a dry up of the paint.

·        Provides even tone polish over metal body, solid plastic bodies as well as glass fibers.

·        The spray is formulated with an exclusive acrylic formula.

·        BMW spray is highly compatible with all types of automobile bodies, even cellulose ones.

·        BMW spray paint is available for almost 46 BMW models since 1957.

BMW Color System

As per the latest BMW service center reviews, the company’s body shops are offering eco-friendly water based color solutions known as BMW Color System for painting the BMW cars. The interesting part about this system is that it balances the organic solvent emission on a lower scale but at the same time successfully provides a smooth color finish. Check out Active Motorwerke

Service Overview of BMW Body Shops

·        BMW spray paint in BMW bodyshops is done with premium technology in spray chambers.

·        You can fetch optimum benefits from the amount you spend.

·        The color matching would be perfect with the manufacturing color shade of your car.

·        Extensive paintworks on all surfaces of automobiles.

·        You can avail absolutely new car shades too.

Since the BMW body shops offer the ultimate solutions of BMW spray paint, you can blindly trust them for best spray paint solutions. However, for more assurance you can crosscheck forums and blogs with reviews of BMW bodyshop spray paint services to decide which center to approach within your close vicinity. Customer reviews for branded cars are mostly worth considering to fetch high end services.

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